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Women organ composers and the Belgian-Japanse evening concert

The 22nd of November being Saint Cecilia's feast, the patroness of musicians, we will play some works of women organ composers during concerts of November. Saint Cecilia was born in the second century but the edited music of feminin organ composers must wait up until the 19th century! Still, there are not enough of those works being performed. Let us help you to discover them!!

At the end of the month (28/11/2016), we have a special Monday evening concert at 20:00. No concert at 12:45!! Sorry for the lunch time concert goers, we needed to have one hour and half of calm frame to produce the Belgian-Japanese program with the 2015 winner of the Queen Elisabeth violin competition, Fumika Mohri. I hope the evening concert with the great violinist on the podium and a direct image of the organ cosole on the screen behind her will give a nice evening to mark the friendship which lasted (and hope, continue to last) 150 years, between Belgium and Japan.

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