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October 2018 : our new organ scholar

October has five Mondays this year : for the last one, the organ will be played by Olivia Afendulis, our new organ scholar. (see picture below)

And the first concert is dedicated to one of the finest French organist of the Baroque time, Louis Marchand.

Organist in the Basilique of Maastricht, Marcel Verheggen plays the French Alexandre PierreFrançois Boëly, born 160 years ago, Felix Mendelssohn and Joseph Jongen.

Momoyo Kokubu will play the compositions of Maurice Duruflé, especially known for his Requiem.

And the Rheinberger project is reaching now the Sonate 18, the last of this year.

Olivia Afendulis, organ scholar 2018-19

Welcome to Organ on Monday !

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